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Coated Sheets Manufacturers

Product Description

Seltech Metal Building & Roofing Solution is one of the renowned Color Coated Sheets Manufacturers in India, endeavoring for manufacturing the best quality color coated sheets with its continuous improvement in the quality system. Our products are fabricated and designed by experienced personnel using advanced machinery and super grade materials. A variety of color options, thickness of up to 15 mm, wear-resisting feature, and FRP materials are some of the qualities of our Color Coated Sheets. To comply with the industry principles and standards, our entire collections of products meet heavy and light engineering industries in fabrication, automobiles, and construction.

Features Color Coated Sheets

As one of the leading Color Coated Sheets Suppliers, we endeavor to manufacture and supply highly durable sheets that come with excellent resistance and high tensile strength. Featuring secure fastening systems, the sheet ensures the security and weather-light performance of coated steel roofing during extreme weather. The use of excellent thermal properties keeps building warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Coming equipped with the fire-resistant feature, our color coated sheets stay protected in case of fire. Moreover, the sheets are good for preventing noise and ensuring a quiet roofing system, especially when installed along with the right insulation systems. Other features include:

1. Light Weight

2. Easy to instal

3. Fire proof

4. Waterproof

5. Corrosion resistance

6. Long-life in low maintenance

7. Different colors, sizes, lengths

One of the fasted growing Color Coated Sheets Manufacturers, Seltech Metal Building & Roofing Solution is adept in manufacturing different types of sheets that are available at affordable prices. We are committed to meeting customer satisfaction by providing them with on-time product delivery, controlling raw material consumption, and employing highly trained and motivated personnel at all levels.
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